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Rebel Empire
Political information
Type of government

Fanatical Empire

Founding document

40 Years Ago [Date Unknown]

Societal information
Official language

Unknown, Possibly English

Historical information

The Rebel Empire is the only Human faction to posses anywhere near as much Technology, planets and ships as UECA at the same time.

The Rebels as they prefer to call themselves, are a fanatical Empire of Geneticaly Improved humans (Alpha Humans as they refer to themselves). They breed faster, are stronger, smarter, faster and suppiror in almost every way to normal humans.

The Rebels are also the youngest faction, being only forty years old. Their predesceor the United Tunnels League lost the Tenth World War, and so fled Earth under their leader Joseph Gregovitch.

The Rebels are fiercly loyal to Gregovitch and will, to the F.O.E.E's displeasure charge blindly to their deaths to secure anything. The Rebels are geared towards attrition warfare and their numbers grow with every battle despite always having heavy losses in many engagements to the staunch F.O.E.E defenders.

The Rebels utilise their advanced technology heavily, trying to use their larger arsenal of energy weapons to the best effect. However the rush of equipping such a large force means that the Rebel's standard issue equipment can be of a worse quality than the F.O.E.E's. However the more Elite Rebel units like the Royal Guard are very well trained and equipped and can handle most F.O.E.E counterparts easily.

The Rebels colonial power although currently smaller than the F.O.E.E's grows very quickly due to their much faster growing population. Their growth has also been contributed to by an alliance that grew with the current Pirate King. With this the Rebels gained accsess to the largest avaliable data of mapped worlds known to mankind and learned all the F.O.E.E shipping worlds and their key fortifications in the newly reinforced Gaza Line.

The Rebels main disadvantage is that their navy is much smaller, and the Pirates, although having many ships are not into death before dishonour raids on F.O.E.E targets. The only Naval advantage the Rebels truly possess is the largest warship, A modified Colony ship that has been transformed into the Largest warship in history. The now classified Dreadnaught called the "Titanicus" is a match for any two F.O.E.E battleships, or even a Telifar Battleship. It is a masterpiece with the design being made by Gregovitch himself, the weapons systems are second to none and its powerplant is of a strange make, built by an unknown civilisation and discovered by the Rebels.

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