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Welcome to The Future Armaggedon WikiEdit

Future Armageddon is a science fiction novel written by Thomas John Corbett. It will be released sometime later this year (hopefully)
but that depends if the publishers accept it

it is a series and many more have been planed after it, the named sequals are as follows:

  • Future Armaggedon: The Blood Of Terra
  • Future Armaggedon: The Children Of Earth
    *Future Armaggedon: Roar Of The Rygar
    *Future Armaggedon: The Awakening
    *Future Armaggedon: Gregovitch's last stand
    *Future Armaggedon: Phlanx bane

others have been planed but have not been named

A small spin off section has been planed, these include
*Future Armaggedon: The Bats Of Hell (By Arthur Mezak)
*Future Armaggedon: The Purge Of Pluto (By Thomas Mezak)
*Future Armaggedon: Prophets In The Streets (By Thomas Corbett)

Latest activityEdit

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